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Trial Files is a unique and revolutionary trial service that gives punters a vital edge over the competition through the thorough analysis of Vic, NSW and WA barrier trials.

The majority of punters out there would struggle to tell you if a horse is coming off a barrier trial, however, at trial files we use a combination of sectional times along with an understanding of the effort a horse is exerting in a trial to compile a comprehensive assessment of all trials run in Vic, NSW and WA.

The times published through various sites for barrier trials can be very inaccurate, often more than a second more or less than the true time. The Trial Files accesses accurate times to ensure our clients are getting the best information available.

The Trial Files team has a wealth of experience in watching and analysing barrier trials built up over a number of years. It takes an educated eye and unending patience to spot those standout horses from barrier trials as often its not the horse that wins by 10L that are the ones to follow.

The Trial Files will identify the horses to follow, and conversely the horses who will start under the odds and be suitable “lay” bets. Our experts will assess the races our “blackbooked” horses appear in and provide betting advice accordingly. Whilst it is great to identify horses who trial well, or poorly, at Trial Files we acknowledge that the horses need to be in their right races, so we follow them right through to raceday for our clients and provide betting selections in races our Blackbookers turn up in.

The fact that punters so often ignore barrier trials as a form tool creates huge value in backing, and laying, horses who are coming through such trials. Trial Files have identified over long periods of research that these horses provide the best value betting propositions and have subsequently created an exciting service for you, the punter.




By way of introduction our experts bring a new and vibrant image to the racing scene – something which is becoming more and more prevalent these days as the industry ventures more into the technological age.

The old newspaper days seem a thing of the past and with the advent of internet based services and social media, we believe that is a more effective way of connecting with both current clients, future interested followers and just general racing enthusiasts. We’d like to present The Trial Files team to you.

TOM HAYLOCK has had a love of racing for a very long time. Born in Adelaide, he moved to Melbourne when a teenager and has attended scores of meetings around the country. As a matter of fact, he has attended every Oakbank Easter Carnival in Country SA every year since birth.

Tom not only is a passionate racegoer and trial watcher but also is an owner, form analyst and has provided content for racing websites as well. Playing sport is one thing but betting on sport and racing have long been an important facet of his nature.

“Despite growing up playing cricket and footy you develop a love of all sports but racing always had that allure. There is nothing like finding a winner at odds.

Even better is sharing the spoils with anyone who is willing to listen and through The Trial Files, I believe we offer such a facility.”

MATT WELSH is a like-minded trial analyst who has used his skills in punting on horses as well. At 31, Matt owns a family company which provides a comprehensive range of commercial safety and control systems based in Melbourne.

That is his job but his love has always been the punt and many a bookmaker has not enjoyed a few focused ‘attacks’ through the years.

Matt has long advocated that there is a hole in the market for both quality trial information but also the adaptation of that to betting markets and punting accordingly.

“If you watch the trials and assess how a horse has begun its preparation, you can get an appreciation of either its ability (if it is a newcomer) or how it has spelled and come back to the track (if it is a more experienced horse).

I’m more than happy to be providing my knowledge and explaining my thoughts to as many people as possible so we can expand the amount of information for punters and make a few dollars as well through the week on our bets.”


You can find us via Social Media at the following address:-

  • @thetrialfiles
  • @thaylock
  • @DaRacingInsider

Hope you enjoy the product and back some winners.

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